Our Story

A brief overview of our story so far…

In 2008, unfulfilled with corporate careers and feeling that there was more to life, we left the UK for the warmer climate of the Caribbean where we started our search for the home of Neutral Buoyancy.

The aim of Neutral Buoyancy was to provide bespoke dive training and holidays, creating an environment which would allow guests to regain balance in life, whilst providing an opportunity to refresh, recharge and make changes which last beyond the normal holiday experience.

Our travels took us to the beautiful island of Roatan in Central America, Indonesia and the Philippines. We were extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to live in so many amazing places and to meet so many fantastic people.

After many years of searching all over the world we finally found the place for us. Yes, it needed a bit of work, well a lot of work but we knew it had loads of potential.

The old stone house was originally a Sea Captains House, hence, our new name The Sea Captain’s House.

Renovation of the house finally started in May 2015, it’s been a long project but it’s been worth it!

We both have many years of experience in customer service, in corporate and also in the hospitality industry. We’ve been lucky to stay in some of the best hotels worldwide and have taken all the best experiences and condensed them into this project. We’ve taken an old ruin & are transforming it into our dream.

What will we offer?…

For guests who don’t want an all-inclusive holiday booked straight from a brochure but don’t want the hassle of booking a totally independent vacation we will ensure that throughout the planning, booking and the holiday itself, guests will receive exceptional high levels of service so it’s a smooth, stress free & enjoyable experience.

If you want to sit on the terrace enjoying freshly baked bread & pastries for breakfast, a glass of local wine in the afternoon or want something more active, then just let us know and we will arrange it all for you.

Can we help?

Please feel free to get in touch with us. We endeavour to respond to all questions within 24 hours with no obligations.